Read the terms and conditions of this license agreement carefully before
using the software. If you for any reason, whatsoever, cannot accept the
conditions in this agreement, you are not permitted to use BBBS.

BBBS is a proprietary product of Kim Heino and Tapani T. Salmi, hereafter
"the authors", protected by applicable copyright laws and international
treaty provisions.

BBBS is not, nor has ever been, public domain or free software. You must
register after the 30-day evaluation period. If you decide to use this
software then you are under both legal and moral obligations to register
it with the author. Registration entitles you continue using BBBS.

The registered version of BBBS may not be duplicated for other than
backup purposes. In a non registered version the user's time limit is
limited to 31 minutes. That limitation is removed from the registered

BBBS is provided "as is", without warranty of any kind or fitness for a
particular purpose, either expressed or implied, all of which are hereby
explicitly disclaimed. The authors only guarantees that BBBS will occupy
disk space. The authors liability resulting from your use or inability to
use BBBS is limited to the amount that the affected party has paid for

There are two different licenses for BBBS: commercial and noncommercial.
You may use noncommercial license only if your BBS is free for all users
(new and old ones) and it is public for everybody to log in. You must use
commercial license if you use BBBS in a company for internal or external
mail or file transfer purposes, or you run a support BBS for a company or
it's products. In short: if you get money from it then it's commercial.

One license for BBBS is valid only in one system, which may contain one
or more computers physically connected to each other all the time via
LAN. You may not use one license in two physically separated systems,
i.e. in two different offices of one company.

In the event that you are in violation of this license agreement you
agree and accept that the authors may cancel your registration and any
rights to use BBBS that you may have.

In doubt contact the authors.


One BBBS node can handle one concurrent connection. One connection means
one phone call, one telnet session, one HTTP request, etc. See the table
below for current prices in euros (EUR) and US dollars (USD).

                   Noncommercial |  Commercial
    Nodes             EUR    USD |  EUR    USD
    2                  50     60 |  150    180
    7                  66     80 |  200    240
    12                 83    100 |  250    300
    22                116    140 |  350    420
    23 and over       ask    ask |  ask    ask

Upgrading the number of nodes or changing the license type will cost
the difference * 1.1. For example, if you want to upgrade from 2 node
noncommercial license to 12 node noncommercial license the price in
euros is (83 - 50) * 1.1 = 36.30 EUR. Fill in new registration form
when you want to upgrade.

Use following addresses for registering or contacting:

    Kim Heino / Foobar Oy
    Hemppotie 3
    21250 Masku

    FidoNet: 2:2/222

    BBBS Homepage:


                         BBBS Registration Form           Date: __/__/__

      Your name/company: ____________________________________________

         Street address: ____________________________________________

            Postal code: ____________________________________________

                Country: ____________________________________________

            Voice phone: ____________________________________________

 BBS name (max 18 char): _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

  BBS phones/open hours: ____________________________________________

         Other BBS info: ____________________________________________

        License type:
        [_] Noncommercial license
        [_] Commercial license
        [_] Upgrade, current BBS name is __________________________,
            license number _______ and number of nodes ________.

        Number of nodes: __________          Total price: __________

        Method of payment:
        [_] PayPal to
        [_] Other, please specify: ____________________________

        Method of sending registration key to you:
        [_] From BCG-Box, username:
        [_] By email, to: _____________________________________

 What kind of hardware and software are you using? (Name and model, hard
 disk, amount of RAM, modem, operating system, network, etc.)



 Other comments, ideas, etc:



 I have read the BBBS license agreement and fully agree to obey it.

         Signature: _________________________________________