BBBS Screenshots


  • Help system BBBS comes with a powerful online hypertext helpsystem with a intuitive design spun around the Amiga Guide format.
  • Who-listing This is the output of a Who-listing (Who's on).
  • Join screen Here you can choose which conferences you want to join.
  • Message thread BBBS has full message threading.
  • Dirlisting (directories) BBBS comes with a very powerful filesystem (FILE/4) which is used like a ordinary shell with the familiar dir, ls, type, cat, cd, etc. commands.
  • Dirlisting (files) This shows the listing of files with description and other information.
  • System Operator's Manual SysOp's manual is also hypertext manual like the online user manual.
  • Palette editor Every user can choose his own favourite colors for messages, who-listing, files, etc.
  • Reading messages You can read messages from command line by just pressing enter, or...
  • Reading messages can read messages with GNUS-alike full screen message reader. BBBS can also automatically reformat the messages if you want to, in this case left margin set to 2 and right margin justified to 56.
  • Editing messages To edit messages and files you can use internal full screen message editor, or ...
  • Editing messages can use MG (GNU Emacs-clone). MG also supports multiple windows.
  • Selecting charset BBBS supports multiple charsets, like IBM PC-8, ISO Latin-1, MAC, etc.
  • Selecting file transfer protocol BBBS has lot of internal file transfer protocols, like Zmodem, HYDRA, Kermit, etc.

FIX specific

The following are FIX-specific screenshots, to show how it is possible to customize the appearance of a BBBS-board with BZ-scripts. These screenshots were taken by Stig Johansen. The terminal is a rxvt with a xpm-background and modified foreground-color connected to
  • Who-listing This is the output of a Who-listing (Who's on).
  • Fix-chat This is the chat-system made by the guys at FIX.
  • Main Menu (alternative) The FIX-team has made a interactive menusystem based on 'point-and-click' menus.
  • Information screen Using the FIXlist program, news and info is displayed in a different manner.